Congratulations GR - Just Few Sincere Words for all of you

My sincere congratulations to all GR members.  As we get closer to 2018 Houston Marathon is nice to see how the millage training are increasing by participating on local long distance races as well as doing its own long  and short distances training. My admiration to all of you guys that really inspire me a lot.
just remind yourself few months back starting with long training of 8 to 10 miles and now we are talking about 18, 19 miles as part of the normal weekend training, that is really awesome. 

I know there have been  some pain in the middle  but you all have been brave enough to overcome  those difficulties on the way. Once again congratulation to all. You are an exemplary and motivation  for many others that silently are looking at you.

My best wishes for  2018 Houston Marathon, you guys deserve for an outstanding race which I am sure you will.

Below some Memories (this is the proof). Check the link 

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  1. Thank you Coach!! You keep inspiring us every day. Thank you for your kind words. The journey is never easy but with friends like you is always worth it!!